How to respray your car

There a number of reasons for respraying your car, including: Image Credit – To cover-up dings and scratches – To add a design to the bodywork so your car stands out from the crowd – To change the whole color – To update an old/vintage car – To boost appearance to make selling easier Respraying […]

Your 2020 Festival Checklist

Summer will soon be approaching, which means we get to enjoy barbeques, sunny days, and most importantly Music Festivals – here are the top UK festivals and lineups for 2020. If you’re attending a festival with your friends, there is a lot to think about, especially if you are staying for a long weekend. You […]

3 Common boiler issues and how to solve them

A broken boiler is a nightmare situation that every homeowner dreads, especially in the colder months, where home temperatures can drop drastically. Being left with no heating or hot water can send you into a panic, but luckily, there are some common gas boiler problems that you can fix yourself. Before you book an appointment […]