What To Look For In An Employee

Hiring the right person to do a job is no easy feat. Sure, their CV may be excellent, they may have the right qualifications and their references may be glowing. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are the full package.

There are other things to consider when hiring an employee, most of which can be assessed during interviews and face-to-face conversations. The personal attributes that one should look for when hiring are quite general and can be adapted according to the role and industry concerned. Below, you will find a list of the qualities that most HR managers look for when hiring a new employee.

They have to be a team player

This one goes without saying, especially if there is lots of collaboration involved in the workspace. While everyone needs to share their ideas for projects they may be working on, the most important decisions made need to be ones that are best for the business.

Those who can collaborate and work well with others are always great to have on board, as they are willing to listen to the ideas of others, incorporate feedback and always try to make decisions that are best for the business or client, instead of pushing their ideas on others. Furthermore, team players are less likely to cause tension in the workplace and usually contribute to a positive working environment.

They need a strong work ethic

Nothing is worse than someone who puts others in the predicament of needing to cover their work for them. A strong work ethic goes a long way. Not only does it mean that the work will be done, but it will also be done to the best of that person’s ability.

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Furthermore, a strong work ethic indicates that someone is more than willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. They will likely do whatever it takes to get the work done and wouldn’t mind staying behind after work every now and then when the workload gets a bit heavy.

They need organizational skills

Being organized is an excellent skill that is often not taken into consideration. While everyone’s organizational style may be different, being organized is a top priority. An organized employee makes for an efficient one.

They will meet deadlines, be on top of their game for the most part, and be on time for meetings. These are big wins here, as punctuality shows respect for others’ time in the workplace. Overall, this kind of efficiency could boost your company’s reputation as well.

They need excellent written and spoken communication skills

Being able to communicate well in the workplace is of utmost importance and you must pick the person who is the best of the best. If an employee can communicate well with others, whether it be through emails and documents or through telephone or face-to-face conversations, the working environment is likely to be a lot more productive. In the long run, this also makes for a more enjoyable space in which to work, as all employees will feel a lot more comfortable having open lines of communication.