How to Dress Appropriately in the Workplace

As much as we might oppose it in everyday life, clothing plays an important role in your workplace. The professional world places a high value on appropriate attire, as it shows your accountability, professionalism, and respect for the business. However, the definition of appropriate can vary depending on the industry, company culture, and job position; while some workplaces have a special uniform that the employees must wear every day, others have more relaxed policies and only require respecting a specific dress code. No matter what category your office is part of, here are some general guidelines to follow in order to have appropriate work attire.

Dress for the job you want

Just as the name says, you should dress for the job you want, not the one you have. In simple words, if you are a junior researcher at the company and you really want to become the team leader or the department manager, start dressing like one. It makes people take you more seriously and it conveys your professional image. However, don’t overdo it. It would be more than strange to see a barista in a suit and an apron taking your order at the coffee shop or an intern dressed up better than the manager running around the office to print some documents that the latter needs.

Dress comfortably

Office attire obviously requires more care than casual outfits, as you need to make sure that your button-ups are perfectly ironed and your dress shoes are always polished, but it doesn’t mean that you should cut back on your comfort. When shopping for work clothes, look for soft and lightweight, preferably natural fabrics that will make sure you feel comfortable. For example, a knit Irish cardigan cropped or long you can shop on made of merino wool in a classic black or cream color will make an appropriate addition to any work outfit while ensuring that you are warm and comfy all day long no matter the weather. Additionally, thanks to its unique design your Irish cardigan will definitely make you stand out from your coworkers while looking professional and put together.

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Pay attention to personal grooming

Although work clothes are obviously important, they don’t help much when your overall appearance looks messy. Paying attention to your personal grooming plays an important role in the way you are perceived in the company, especially if you’ve just started a new job and want to make a good impression not only with your skills but your professional looks as well. This includes things like keeping your hair clean and neat, taking care of your nails no matter if you get manicures or not, as well as always smelling good. Moreover, knowing that you’ve got all these things under control will also make you feel more confident and focused on your tasks.