Using Online Resources to Narrow Your Search for Addiction Assistance

Choosing from among your local drug rehabilitation programs can be overwhelming. There may be dozens from which to choose and only a few designed to offer the specific type of help you need. Rather than vet each clinic on your own, you can instead get professional guidance and help when you use online resources like a Drug Treatment Center Finder and other Internet-based referral services. Using the search fields on the website, you can narrow your pursuit of locating a center and discover those that are set up for services tailored to your particular addiction.

Using Online Resources

If you prefer to search on your own without including anyone in your efforts, you can use the search fields on the website. These fields ask for basic information like the city and state in which you live. You can also search by zip code and any keywords that you want to use in your effort to locate rehab services.

You can also search by the state when you click on the name and picture of your state on the website. Most of the states are listed on the site, allowing you to discover services that are close to you or at least near the state in which you live. You may prefer to stay close to home if your family and loved ones are ready to support you in your efforts to get clean. You also might prefer to travel away from home if you need some privacy and want to regain sobriety without the scrutiny of friends, relatives, coworkers, and others in your life.

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Another search option that is available to you is to look for services tailored to your particular needs. For example, if you need inpatient care, the website offers a link for inpatient clinics in your state and beyond. You can browse the listings of clinics that allow patients to admit themselves for upwards of a month or longer.

If you are in need of a halfway house, you can also use that search function on the website. You will receive a listing of all of the halfway houses in the country. You can then choose one that suits what you are looking for.

Online support is not just restricted to drug and alcohol addiction. Stop Together is a program helping people suffering from porn addiction and withdrawal. There are more and more programs being created to help people explore and combat their addiction online.

Other options for searching include general health, methadone services, outpatient care, dual diagnoses, residential, hospital inpatient, day services, and many more types of rehabilitation programs. You can discover services that you did not exist. By having all of this information, you can make the best decision about how you want to regain sobriety and what kind of help is best suited for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs, as well as your insurance coverage and budget.

Other Resources on the Website

If you prefer to have some personal help in your search for services, you can use the toll-free customer care number listed on the website. This number is available throughout the day and allows you to speak to a person from the services about rehabilitation services that you might need.

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Along with the toll-free number, you can also use the website’s links at the top of the page to do some more research about recovery. The website offers a drug treatment guide that can help you understand more about the recovery process and support services like The Importance of Peer Support in Recovery and other counseling help in the program.

Many addicts fear the unknown and feel like they have more control if they know what to expect prior to entering the program. When you read the online guide, you may find out details like what might happen during the first few days you are in recovery. You may experience withdrawals, for example, which might be painful or distressing. You may be given over-the-counter pain medications to help with symptoms like headaches and muscle aches.

As your body adjusts to not using, you may then undergo counseling to help you understand why you use drugs in the first place. You can uncover subconscious triggers like being around a certain person, for example, or experiencing stress at work. As your triggers are uncovered, you will then learn coping mechanisms to help you avoid using them in the future.

Searching for a rehabilitation program to check yourself into can be a complicated and time-consuming task. You can make it simpler and also get relevant information about your addiction by using online resources. The website allows you to search by state and also by addiction or recovery needs based on your substance abuse issues.