Back to school items that you can already get

Whether your kid is going into their first year of school, or they’re returning, the back-to-school chaos is not that fun. You need to find clothes, backpacks, stationery items, all in a couple of weeks. To avoid the back-to-school frenzy, you can start finding items from now on so that you can be more relaxed and have a shorter list later. In this article, we found some items that you can buy in advance and that will save you money and time in a couple of months. Get ready to be on top of the back-to-school season and send your kid to school in a more relaxed way.


When the “back to school” season gets into stores, you’ve got plenty of exclusive items that you don’t find all year long. This may include some more backpack patterns or styles. But instead of waiting and buying the same backpack that all the kids will wear, try going online and finding a good quality backpack in advance. You might have some luck and find it on sale as well. This will save you more time and you can even surprise your kid with the backpack earlier. That will build up their excitement for the upcoming school year.


The best time to buy fall/winter clothes is during the summer. Not only can you get high-quality pieces for less money, but you can also enjoy shopping with no hurry. The best items to shop for in the summer are valuable materials such as wool. High-quality wool pieces such as these knit sweaters for kids are usually at higher prices because of how durable and reliable they are. That’s why the perfect time to shop for them is off-season. Jackets and boots are other items that you should check out in the summer, as they will be a lot cheaper. Make sure you anticipate that your kid will grow in the next few months, so get a size bigger to be sure the clothes will still fit them.

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Bits and pieces

When it comes to stationery items, you shouldn’t be buying books and notebooks before the parent-teacher meeting. You’ll risk buying unnecessary items or the wrong ones. But what you can do is pick up smaller items that your kid will surely end up using. Things such as crayons, pens, pencils, and some plain paper. The key to these items is to make sure they are something that your kid can use at home as well. If they end up not needing it in school, they’ll still color at home and they won’t go to waste. You can check these items out whenever you go on your normal grocery stroll and pick something up every time. This way, you’ll avoid running around during the chaotic months of back-to-school.