Handy Dryers That You Need in The 21st Century

In a competitive business environment, there is always a washroom for the staff and customers alike. But inside these facilities, you hardly miss the site of a hand dryer. They are mostly mounted on walls and suitable for purposes of drying hands conveniently. That’s the reason why they’ve been dubbed handy dryers, since they can be quite handy.

What the Ideal Hand Dryer Sounds Like

You see, the era of using paper towels to dry hands is gone. With cutting edge technology, your hands are blown and dried almost instantly. So when you come out of the washroom, your hands will be clean, free from bacteria or any other harmful element (keep in mind that wet hands encourage the spread and multiplication of bacteria).

The fact is, it’s no longer an acceptable standard for hand dryers to consume watts of electricity while taking forever to dry hands. Again, it’s no longer acceptable that they scream too loud during operation because this clearly contributes to noise pollution.

Instead, today we demand lower energy consumption, better performance with upgraded features. And most importantly, we also want to save costs while minimizing our carbon footprints.

Because of this, modern hand dryers are designed with all the above qualities in mind to ensure that they give good service for a long period of time. We’re seeing a trend where hand dryers come with a brush less mortar which is said to last up to 10X longer than a standard mortar. This feature, coupled with a separated sanitary water tank makes an excellent hand dryer that can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes.

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This Generation of Hand Dryers Have Suddenly Taken Over Washrooms at Public Places

Unlike decades ago, the situation is different today. Airports, bars, restaurants, service stations and other public washrooms have decided to upgrade their facilities by installing powerful handy dryers that boast of suction capabilities that literally transform wet hands into dry hands.

Stylish Hand Dryers of the 21st Century

Style is the epitome of things when you choose this generation of hand dryers. Customers will appreciate them. But far more importantly, these are Eco-friendly dryers that take care of hygiene in the toilet and washrooms for improved infection control. Definitely this has an impact on improving first impression among customers visiting for the first time, thus more business.

In terms of style, the blade system has been enhanced to blow away water in less than 12 seconds. Keep in mind that conventional hand dryers could take up to 40 seconds to dry hands. Again, they contained a single sensor unit that couldn’t sense hands properly, so one would be forced to hover their hands in order for the sensor to detect them and active the system.

Today, things are different as most of them come with two sensors to eradicate this problem. Furthermore, the system can be set to low or high air speeds depending on the situation. At the end of the day, power is saved for a more Eco-friendly operation.


Definitely we’ve seen technology growing leaps and bounds where these handy dryers are involved. We’re no longer using paper towels, or drying hands with very slow hand dryers. Instead, we’re only putting wet hands below these units and results are being delivered instantly

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