How To Prepare For A Job Interview

The job market can be tricky to navigate. Searching for jobs is a stressful task, and after what often feels like an eternity, finally getting invited to an interview can be incredibly daunting. While everyone has their own way of calming their nerves before meeting with their potential new employer, very few things will serve you as well as good preparation will.

Take a look at a few of our tips on how best to prepare for a job interview below.

Familiarise Yourself With The Job Description

When searching for a job, it can be difficult to remember exactly what you applied for. However, once you are contacted for an interview, make a point of going back and looking at the job description. Study it properly so that you have a thorough understanding of the role you are hoping to fill. Consider the position, where it fits into the company, and who the touchpoints within the organization are. Review the job description thoroughly and try your best to match your own experiences and qualifications to what they are looking for.

Learn About The Company

Once you know more about the role itself, make a point of learning a bit more about the company and where your potential role will fit into it. A lot of organizations aim to hire people who share similar values to that of the company culture.

By researching the company beforehand, you will gain valuable insight into what the organization’s goals are and which plans it has in place for the future. It is important that you make your potential employer view you more as a long-term investment than someone merely looking to fill the role for a few months.

Dress Accordingly

First impressions truly are lasting ones, so make sure that you dress appropriately is key. While physical appearance may not be important to the role you’re applying for, it does play a big part in the impression you are making. Go onto any social media profiles that the company has – look at Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and anything else that may give you a glimpse at who already works there.

Examine any in-office images for what your potential colleagues are wearing and base your interview outfit on that. If the office is quite formal, dress accordingly. Similarly, if it appears to be more laidback, then wear something that reflects that.

Practice For Your Interview

If possible, carve out some time to practice for your interview, then reward yourself with some fun and visit website you enjoy spending time at. Ask a friend or family member to go through some questions with you and have an idea of how you will answer them. Practice makes perfect, and by making sure you have good answers to some of the most common interview questions, you are more than likely to feel more confident going into your interview. Also, pay attention to non-verbal cues. Watch your body language and make sure you sit up straight and not slouched. Make eye contact as you answer each question. By paying attention to these cues, you will help create a good impression on your interviewer.