3 amazing lesser-known destinations for your summer trips 

Paris, Rome, London, all of them sound good but you’ve seen them all before, haven’t you? As a fellow traveler, I’m sure that at least once in your life you’ve longed to go somewhere where none of your friends have been, somewhere you could brag about being your special place. If that’s the case for you, here are 3 alternative summer destinations for your upcoming trips, from both the US and other parts of the world.

Busan, South Korea

We’ve all heard how out of this world Seoul is and many people call it the perfect city to visit if you’re only starting your journey to the Asian continent. But few people mention Busan, a South Korean city renowned for its beaches, hot climate, and natural reserves. If you’re a foodie, Busan gives you amazing opportunities to try out new things such as the famous eomuk, tteokbokki, and ssiat hotteok both at restaurants and street food festivals. In terms of activities other than enjoying the local food, you should definitely visit Busan Tower for a wonderful view of the city, as well as the Gamcheon Culture Village if you want a walk in a village of brightly-colored houses. And if you postpone your trip until fall, you can also see the international film festival that takes place there every year.

Aran Islands, Ireland

Located 30 miles off the west coast of Ireland, the Aran Islands, although small, is a real find for those who would like to travel to a completely unique and different place than anywhere they’ve been before. Ireland is already famous for its coastline, but when it comes to the Aran Islands, the scenery in combination with the small cottages that you’ll find there create a distinctive peisaje. Despite its size, there are quite a few things that you can do three, for example, go hiking, explore the islands by bicycle, and even observe the seals, if you’re lucky enough to find them. This place is also famous for its Aran sweater, so buying one while you’re there is a must. If for some reason this summer these islands are not part of your travel plan, you can also purchase an Aran sweater from Irish shops such as Tara Irish Clothing. Such a garment will make a perfect Irish souvenir for any of your friends or family members, or you can simply wear it in your everyday life, as an Aran sweater is classy and great for all kinds of occasions.

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Willamette National Forest, Oregon

If this year you’re not really eager to travel overseas and would like to discover the natural beauties of your own country, Willamette National Forest in Oregon is the place for you. Known for its scenery, Oregon is definitely a state that would make you feel as connected to nature as one could. The Willamette National Forest is home to eight wilderness areas that give you amazing views and the opportunity to go backpacking, camping, or hiking. Such an adventure would be especially great when shared with friends and family, so going there with a big group would make a huge difference. However, it can also be just the right place to go to if you want to clear your mind and do some self-reflection.