3 Common boiler issues and how to solve them

A broken boiler is a nightmare situation that every homeowner dreads, especially in the colder months, where home temperatures can drop drastically. Being left with no heating or hot water can send you into a panic, but luckily, there are some common gas boiler problems that you can fix yourself. Before you book an appointment with a boiler engineer, have a look and see if your problem is listed below, because it may just need a simple quick-fix solution.

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Low boiler pressure

This is the most common boiler issue and can result in your central heating making banging sounds, the radiators furthest from the boiler stopping heating and it can even stop your boiler from firing up at all.

The correct pressure is between 1 and 1.5, so if your boiler gauge is lower, switch it off and allow it to cool down. Then, check that both ends of the filling loop are attached securely and open both valves. You can find how to do this with your specific make and model boiler at https://www.freeboilermanuals.com/. This will allow cold water from the mains to flush the system. If you are in need of a boiler repair Cheltenham has plenty of qualified professionals who can help.

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Boiler or thermostat settings

If there’s a problem with your settings, then your boiler can stop working and will possibly show an error message on the information display. This issue can be caused by a number of things, such as someone knocking the settings and changing them or a power cut.

To solve this, check your boiler settings and adjust them if necessary. Check that the boiler’s control panel is turned up and check your thermostat settings. Having your thermostat set too low may cause your boiler not to start up properly. If you’re still having problems, then book a gas boiler service appointment at http://www.hprservicesltd.com/cheltenham-boilers/boiler-repair-cheltenham/.

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Frozen condensate pipe

One of the most common problems in the winter can be caused by the cold weather freezing the condensate pipe. If your boiler is making strange gurgling sounds or isn’t starting up when it should, then this could very well be your issue. To fix this issue, you can pour hot water or use a warm compress on the affected section of the pipe.