The importance of having a good quality office chair

On average, we spend six to ten hours per day sitting on an office chair, with those seated for eleven hours per day at greater risk of a cardiovascular condition. Pain and discomfort that make us shift around are early warning signs that may mean you have poor seated postural habits. If you ignore these symptoms, the consequences for your health could be long-lasting and severe. Typically workers suffer from neck pain and lower back pain, so it pays to invest in a decent ergonomic office chair that will help them achieve the correct posture naturally.

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Here are the qualities to look out for.

Seat height and width

Your office chair should have fully adjustable seat height, and be arranged so that both your thighs are resting horizontally with your feet flat on the ground. The seat cushion should let you sit with your back against the backrest, with a space of four to eight centimeters in between the seat and the backs of your knees.

Lumbar support

Your back curves along your spine’s length and a proper ergonomic chair have a back which is adjustable and follows the contours of your lower back. This prevents slouching in your seat.

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Seat material

Soft seat pads which are cushioned are recommended instead of hard-textured surfaces, to ensure user comfort.

If buying seating for employees, you may be looking at operator chairs (also known as computer chairs or desk chairs). To view a large range of operator chairs looks up Bestbuy Office Chairs.

This site explains office chair adjustments for the health of your spine.

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Your seat’s armrests must be adjustable, letting you sit with your shoulders relaxed. Your elbows ought to rest on the armrest, but your wrists and lower arms should not lie on the armrests while you are typing.


The chair must swivel easily, enabling the user to access desk areas without putting a strain on themselves by dragging the chair along.

If you are thinking about refitting your office but lack the budget for new ergonomic seats, consider hiring workplace furniture.

Stand up

Employees need to leave their seats to walk around regularly for better posture. Breaks also combat fatigue and relieve eye strain.