How to choose the right heavy duty shelving

Whether you are needing to cater for a modern supply chain consisting of different sized items or want a super-organised garage space then you are probably looking for an economic, cost-effective means of storage.

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There are some goods that need to be stored in boxes and others that will need cabinets but there are also those who demand heavy duty garage shelving or other steel shelving as a storage option. This type of shelving can offer a much more versatile solution compared to pallet racking. This means that it could be used everywhere from a warehouse or garage to an office or commercial premises.

What to consider when choosing shelving

First and foremost, you should think about what you want to store on your steel shelving. Will your shelves hold lots of boxes or single items? Do you need archive shelving to store files and boxes or do you need to ensure enough dividers to make the storage space meet your needs?

You may also want to consider long span shelving when you click here for heavy duty garage shelving capable of holding heavier items or want to think about cantilever racking to keep oddly-shaped, bulky or long items that won’t be transported on pallets. Other options to consider include chrome shelving, galvanised shelving, mobile aisle shelving and medium duty shelving.

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How much do you need?

Whether you need to comply with safe storage regulations as described at the likes of, or simply want to organise your garage space, one of the major questions you need to ask is how much you will need.

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Determine the width of the shelving area you want and think about the dimensions of the products that you want to store. You should also think about the weight of the items as this will determine the storage solutions you require. If this is too much maths for you, consider asking for expert help before deciding.

Once you have your dimensions, think about how much you want to spend. You might consider investing in refurbished shelving rather than new products in order to save money. Many of these are as sturdy as new shelving units and even more so in some cases. Of course, there are also benefits to buying completely new shelves and the choice will be a personal one in the end.