New home gifts that are both practical and unique

If you’ve reached that time in your life when everyone is making big steps towards their dream life, you know how hard it is to find good presents for all the big achievements of your friends and family. Moving out is something so exciting and so new that deserves to be celebrated with all the people you love. But when you get invited to a new home party, you can’t go empty-handed. We put together a list of items that would make the perfect gift for a new house. We made sure these gifts are not just decor pieces, and they can be used. Read along to get some ideas and make sure you check out some more advice on Architectural Digest, as they have a lot of ideas for a cozy home.

Throws or pillows

Starting off with some items that we all have in our homes. Whether your friends have a spacious living room where they can place a throw basket, or just a small couch for it, getting them a throw or some decor pillows is a great idea. These items are cozy and warm while also adding to the decor of their house. Make sure you match the throw with the rest of the room so that the gift becomes more thoughtful.

Kitchen sets

You can never have enough mugs! That’s something to consider when buying new home presents for your friends and family. Getting them some fun mugs is a great idea and also a practical gift, as they can be used for storage, decor, or for their morning coffee. We suggest you look for some interesting patterns, vivid colors, or funny illustrations in order to make this gift a little more personal and unique. You can look for some ideas here. If you think your friends have collected enough mugs along the way, you can also look for some kitchen accessories in a matching tone, so that they have everything looking great in their new home.

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Smart Gadgets

This last suggestion is for those young friends of yours who like everything to be simplified. You are about to make their day better and their new home smarter. You can look for some smart home gadgets such as home assistants, smart lights, NFC tags Or you can look for some kitchen aid, a smart Hoover, or any normal household appliance. This one is on the more expensive side, but it’s one of the most practical new home presents. Make sure you choose the gadget that best suits your friend’s needs and you’ll surely put a smile on their face.