Unisex garments everyone needs in their wardrobe this winter

Winter is finally here and after the whole Christmas season enthusiasm has passed, it is time to face the tough reality: the cold temperatures, the constant mud on the streets, and the never-ending morning ritual of scraping ice off your car. Warm and pretty clothes are one of the few things that could make us feel better, but since wearing ugly Christmas sweaters is no longer appropriate, we all could use some inspiration for our winter looks. We’re here to help: whether you’re a man or a woman, here’s a list of some unisex garments that you should add to your wardrobe this season.


I’ve always thought that it is common knowledge that hoodies are unisex garments that have long ago won their place in both men’s and women’s closets, but recently I’ve been hearing more and more complaints about how women shouldn’t wear them as it makes them look “less feminine”. Not only hoodies are perfectly acceptable clothes for both men and women but they can also be used to create amazing outfits for the cold season. Pastel colors have been very popular over the last few years and a baby blue or pastel yellow hoodie sweater will make a perfect addition to your collection. Plus, they are great for layering, as much like the cardigan, an oversized hoodie can be thrown over almost any outfit and it will instantly make it look better and be warmer.


During the last seasons, the word cardigan seems to have been given a negative connotation, especially after all the colorful fashion disasters that we’ve seen in mass-market stores. However, don’t be too quick to judge as there are plenty of wonderful cardigans from which you can choose. We, for example, love Irish knit cardigan sweaters from Keilys https://www.keilys.com/irish-apparel/irish-cardigans  because they beautifully combine classic Celtic-inspired stitches with high-quality modern wool and knit technologies. This unisex piece is perfect for any occasion and it is our favorite when it comes to traveling, especially by plane. Warm, comfortable, but still fancy and chic thanks to its traditional Aran patterns, an Irish cardigan is sure to become your trusted friend during the next cold months.

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Thermal underwear

Yeap, you’ve heard it right! For some reason, thermal underwear seems to be a taboo topic in fashion magazines and there is not nearly enough information about it, especially the one for men. We’re here to fight the stigma and tell you more about these wonderful unisex garments that do the most to protect you from any winter cold. If you simply want to keep yourself cold without doing too much research on the topic, a fitted long-sleeve top and a pair of leggings are the two most important things you can get for everyday wear. There is only one rule to keep in mind: avoid cotton at all costs, as it absorbs all the moisture which will make you feel uncomfortably wet all day long. Instead, consider merino wool as it is a wonderful insulator that is sure to help both men and women stay toasty.