Why Movies Are Better Than Books

Most of the best and the worst movies that we have were created after books, which then leads us to the question of whether the two are better than the other. Would you rather go to the movies or would you go for the books? Most people when asked the same question would rather go to the movies and here are a few reasons why.

Reasons Why Movies Are Better Than Books

1. Visually Appealing

We have to be honest unless it’s a child’s book, there isn’t much color that we can work with when it comes to books. It’s like reading about online pokies au and not playing them. When watching the movie, you have, sound as well as other aspects that make the movie much better than the book.

2. Time

Movies will take us 90 to at most 180 minutes. In most cases, movies will not go over the timeframe. And within that time, you have the story as well as everything that you need to understand the plot and the movie in general. Then we have books, they can take anything from 24 to infinity number of hours to finish.

3. Preview

Just like casino games at real money casinos, movies have previews and trailers that you can work to help you to figure out what it’s about. And while with books we do have the introductions and the forwards and the prologues, somehow we feel that her trailers and the previews are much better.

4. Skipping Scenes

Another thing that we love about movies is that we can skip scenes and be able to figure out what the whole movie is about. You can skim through a movie and see if you like it or not. With a book on the other hand skipping chapters doesn’t really work in your favor as you might miss some important details.

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