Benefits of Irish Dancing

People love Irish Dancing for various reasons:  some of them appreciate the communication and joy that comes from being a part of the dance community, some appreciate the traditional Irish music, others the balletic and supple movements. Whatever the reasons, all they have a direct effect on dancer’s health bringing multiple benefits to the quality of life.

Physical benefits

Irish dancing can replace any other fitness activity which can’t be said about the vice-versa. Due to the athletic movements that an Irish dancer should perform his flexibility and muscle strength increase over time. Irish dance requires balance and not the usage of arms which improves the coordination and general posture of those who are doing it. In this way, you can achieve the posture you wanted for a long time. The moves and steps executed by the dancer are considerably more complex and graceful than other types of dancing demanding years of work and practice ensuring overall feet, heart, and lung health as well as help building healthy bones that can prevent many diseases.

Even if you want to find an enjoyable way to get and keep fit, the Irish dancing is the ideal solution for you.

Emotional and educational Benefits

The greater advantage of Irish dancing is the atmosphere it creates for dancers proper for team working, creativity, and friendship.

Team Working is an important quality and features teaching the importance of commitment, perseverance, and the ability to solve conflicts. While dancing in a friendly environment and feeling the support when participating in competitions it becomes easier to build self-confidence.

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Furthermore, the Irish dance provides the opportunity for dancers to learn what a sense of good sportsmanship means, recognizing the failure and sharing with love the victory.

Being part of a community

Irish dance is a joyful way to keep the Irish heritage alive and Irish community together. Once you join this community you are sure to have friends that will last a lifetime. Irish dancing competitions make a wonderful occasion to bring together the Irish men and women to show off their Irish pride, to keep the traditions, share the same beliefs and passions. It is a way to stay stronger together.

 Start Irish Dancing today

Irish dancing requires specific equipment for those who want to start dancing. Firstly, you need to find the proper  Irish dance shoes that fit you well, are comfortable, qualitative, and why not, good looking. You have two options: you may try Irish dance soft shoes or hard shoes, mostly known as jig shoes. Irish Dance soft shoes or Irish ghillies are soft-soled shoes much alike to ballet slippers, pointe seemingly, but they have more structure and only lace to the ankle. The hard shoes come with a heavy heel fixed to the bottom to make a sound during a dance. Depending on the style of Irish dance you want to practice you can choose between these two shoe types.

Another important element you need are accessories for finishing your dance outfit, like headbands, wigs, buckles, brooches, and of course, a traditional dance dress. And now, you’re ready to Irish Dance.

We can give you many reasons to start Irish dancing today, more important is to find your reason and start practicing and improving the quality of your life.

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