5 accessories you will see everywhere in spring 2023

Spring is known for being the season of the rebirth of nature, but for fashionistas all over the world, it is also a reason to completely renew their style and experiment with new trends. The upcoming months will be all about vivid colors, bold patterns, and new fashion trends that will help you stand out of the crowd, look fresh and make a statement. Here is a list of some accessories that you should consider for this spring.

Chunky earrings

This spring the Y2K fashion trend is back and better than ever, and it is impossible to imagine this extravagant style without simple chunky earrings. Whether they’re colorful dangle accessories made of plastic or golden big hoops, they are a must-have in your collection this spring. Adding a pair of these earrings to any outfit, even the most basic ones, is an easy way to make a statement and experiment with different colors and styles.

ScarfWhether you’re looking for a pop of color or a touch of pattern, scarves are an easy way to make your outfit more interesting and intriguing. Brightly colored scarves especially those with traditional motifs such as the Celtic ones are especially popular, as they bring the sense of something while being combined with the old patterns. If you want to add such an accessory to your wardrobe, your perfect spring Irish scarf is waiting for you at https://www.gaelsong.com/prod_detail_list/accessories-celtic-scarves.

Straw hats

What better way to celebrate the sunny spring days than by organizing a picnic in the park a straw hat is an indispensable element of your attire for this event. Get yourself a wide-brimmed hat that would protect you from the dangerous sun rays and also add some texture to your outfit. When combined with a long white cotton dress and some gladiator leather sandals, you get an effortlessly perfect look for the upcoming warm days.

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Boho bags

Bags are a crucial accessory regardless of the season and this spring boho-inspired ones are at the peak of their popularity. Whether you’re looking for large shoulder bags to wear to school or fringed clutch purses that will make a unique accessory for your going-out outfits, boho bags come in a large variety of styles for any occasion. The key is to choose the right fabric, so look for natural materials like straw, jute, or raffia in neutral, earthy tones.

Knee-high socks

Are you a fan of the dark academia fashion core, with all its formal wear and dressy accessories? Then you’ll be more than pleased to find out about knee-high socks. They’ve already increased in popularity last year when numerous fashion houses presented them on the runway for the Autumn/Winter 2022 collections, and they’re also here to stay for spring. You can combine a white or black pair with some faux leather shorts and a white button-up for a classy look for school or you can choose a brightly colored pair that would be the focal element of your look.