Top Music Games To Play In 2022

What music games are going to dominate the gaming scene in 2022? The music game genre has grown exponentially over the last decade. From rhythm games to party games, music games have become a huge part of our lives. With the rise of smartphones, mobile gaming has also increased significantly. As such, it’s no surprise that music games are becoming increasingly popular. Here is an article with music games to play in 2022.

Beat Saber

Developed by Beat Games, this is the latest musical adventure from Harmonix. You will need a PlayStation 4 to play the game, but there’s absolutely nothing else needed at all once you start playing. It features two modes of gameplay: “Saber Mode” (the only mode available) and “Freeform” (a cooperative mode). Freeform allows you to play whatever song you want with friends. Behold! The future of music games!

Super Mario Maker

A collaboration between Nintendo and developer Media Molecule (responsible for LittleBigPlanet), Super Mario Maker lets you make your own levels using multiple gameplay styles like platformers, shooters, and racing games. You may not think about creating your own stages, but if you do, look out because this game is set to change the way you enjoy Mario forever. Some best online casinos Australia has Super Mario-themed casino games.

Guitar Hero Live

In what appears to be a complete reboot of the entire concept, Guitar Hero Live is designed to make playing guitar a truly social experience. So instead of controlling the characters yourself, you simply pick up your guitar and play along with whatever song is being performed. This game boasts full motion capture technology which should guarantee everyone involved in the recording gets good performances.

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Music games are here to stay. They’ve seen an exponential increase since 2010. While some people don’t enjoy these types of games, I personally can’t get enough. If you enjoyed any of these games then you might want to check out the ones listed above or something similar. You can also play online casino games and win some money. Have fun!