Health Hacks for Busy People  

When it comes to our health, it’s difficult to implement sweeping changes and even harder to sustain them. But it’s been proven that if you adopt, maintain, and find pleasure in small changes, these can add up to meaningful improvements to your well-being.

Consistency is Key

Decide on a workout routine and commit to sticking to it no matter what. Research has shown that early mornings are the best times for busy people to implement an exercise regime so make some time available before your day begins and make sure you tick it off your To-Do list every day.

Size Does Matter

When you’re trying to eat less, that is! Science has shown that what sized plate you eat from directly influences how much you end up putting on it. Simply switching over to a smaller plate could reduce your calorie intake by as much as 20%!

Write It Out

Research suggests that writing down what we think and feel can have drastic results on our stress levels. If you’re struggling with painful memories, putting them to paper could decrease their hold on you. And if you’re journaling positive experiences, you’re likely to end up feeling that much more grateful for them.

Skip the Snooze Button

Did you know that hitting snooze on your alarm clock disrupts your REM sleep and simply ends up making you feel more tired? You won’t get any restful sleep after you do this, making the time you spend desperately trying to grab a little more shut-eye pointless. Reward yourself for getting up early by doing something you enjoy, like indulging in extra time in the morning. Playing real money, fun for all games could be your perk or catching up on celebrity gossip at your favorite media website. You’re that much more likely to look forward to getting up if there’s a pay-off in it!

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Stay Hydrated

Whenever you think of it, even if you are not thirsty, grab a glass of water and get it down your gullet. This habit will promote weight loss and improve your metabolism along with helping you to feel more alert and able to get through the tasks you’ve set yourself.

Jump in the Shower Before Bed

Having a warm shower before you hit the sick can lower your body temperature, slowing down a range of metabolic functions including your breathing, digestion, and heart rate. It can even help you sleep better.

Give Yourself Consequences

Fine yourself for not following whatever rules you want to implement. Tell a friend what you want to do, what the cost to you will be if you don’t follow through, and pay them the agreed-upon fee if you fall short. Your wallet is a big motivator for working out, cutting down on your after-dinner drinks, and getting to bed at a reasonable hour!

Do not Drink Calories

The majority of beverages these days have massive amounts of sugar and unhealthy additives your body simply doesn’t need. It’s very easy to pack on the pounds if you’re unaware of this and keep reaching for a can of soda. Do not trust Zero Calories bylines and stick to unsweetened drinks as far as you can.