The Best British Rugby Players Of all Time

Ruby is one of the most popular sports in the UK, and it is a game that is watched and played by many who share its passion. The rules of Rugby include trying to get the oval-shaped ball from your opponents to then score and gain points; there are two different ways of scoring a goal, and that is by kicking it into the ‘H’ shaped goal post, or by running and placing it on the opposite pitch. There have been many popular sports players over the years that have played Rugby, and there is certainly not a shortage of sporting talents. Rugby is a game that comes with more risk of injury, as it is more full-on and opponent-facing; many injuries in the past have included, broken bones, head injuries, muscle strains, and much more, so for these top Rugby players, their job is certainly not an easy one. If you have a passion for Rugby and would like to join a team, then why not check out the different rugby teams in your area? Or if you want to become a Rugby coach, then there are many online Rugby Drill websites and videos you can take a look at to improve your Rugby training and coaching – For the latest rugby drill information click here.

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Jonny Wilkinson

Jonny Wilkinson was 18 years old when he began his career in Rugby; he started off as a bench replacement, but then became a top player once his rugby talents became apparent. He has since become one of the most popular British Rugby players of all time, especially after a top-scoring record of 35 points against Italy. He has certainly achieved a lot since that time and continued to play Rugby until he retired from the sport in 2014. Jonny is now married to his long-term girlfriend Shelly Jenkins, and as of 2018, they had their first child together.

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Owen Farrell

Owen Farrell’s career in Rugby began just after his 17th birthday, which made him one of the youngest professional Ruby players in the UK. He was signed to The Saracens Rugby Club and continued there for many years. In 2014, he signed up to the England Elite Player Squad where his Rubgy talents really became recognized. Owen continues to play rugby to this day and is now signed up to the British and Irish Lions Rugby Club.

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Martin Johnson

Martin Johnson was born on the 9th March 1970, and although he has now retired from Rugby, he is still known as one of the best Rugby players in Britain. He began his career playing American football for the Leicester Panthers but then switched to Rugby. Martin joined the Leicester Tigers in 1989, and this was the beginning of his Rugby career. Although he was scouted by the British Lions as a Rugby Captian for their tour, he soon returned to the Leister Tigers where they appointed him as the team Captian.

Jason Robinson

Jason Robinson has been playing Rugby since a very young age; the first Rugby club he attended was the Hunslet Boys Club. His professional career began in 1992 where he began playing for the Wigan Warriors, and his natural Rugby talent was certainly noticed. In 1995, Jason Robinson signed up to the Australian Rugby League, a contract that really excelled in his Rugby career. In 2005, Jason Robinson revealed that he was retiring from Rugby to take some time out to spend with his family.

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